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    Ezeq Cristian

Hello my name is Cristian Castañares and I am a Youtuber, Graphic Designer, filmmaker and photographer.
    My channel CRISCAST has 18 +K subs with a 1000 new subscribers every month. Facebook presence of 1400 non-paid followers with a 5-star rating and in Instagram with 1300+ organic followers.

    The reason of this message is to request products to perform product reviews; I realize that your products can be very popular within the Spanish speaking community within the United States, which is where I live and Latin America.

    I hope to receive news from yours.
    Here I leave my information.
Sincerely very grateful.

    Business email: cris3441@gmail.com
    Phone: 801-512-6048
    YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClh779qDTSjJlFT5VEqrphw
    Instagram: @pvlogo
    Facebook: @pvlogo
    Photography portfolio: https://cristiancastanares.myportfolio.com/
    My web:

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